Service Excellence with Business Communications

30 Weeks in class + 30 Weeks of co-op


7,000 CAD /10 Courses

About the Program

Improve your communication skills while learning essential Canadian workplace skills in customer service. Courses include professional presentation skills, sales, hospitality, food and beverage and event planning.

Program Highlights

  • Earn a Canadian diploma or certificate & gain work experiencein Canada.
  • English requirement: Level 8| IELTS Academic 4.0
  • 100% guaranteedjob placement during co-op.

Program Options

Communication & Service Essentials Diploma with Co-op / 60 Weeks (30 weeks in class + 30 weeks of co-op)

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply customer service strategies reflecting current trends in the hospitality industry.
  • Demonstrate occupational skills, roles, and responsibilities to create a positive customer service experience in various hospitality positions.
  • Conduct oneself in a professional manner demonstrating an understanding of workplace norms, guidelines, regulations and legislation.
  • Demonstrate the language skills needed to successfully communicate in English with customers and in a workplace context.
  • Perform administrative and project-based tasks required in the workplace demonstrating teamwork skills.
  • Demonstrate the professional techniques needed in the workplace context including the use of personal and organizational technology.


(6 weeks)

This course is intended for those who want to learn English and build the communication skills required for the modern world of business. Topics include the fundamentals of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills needed in a business context. This course explains words and expressions required in business, and focuses on written and spoken grammar, providing authentic language practice to build your confidence to communicate effectively.

(6 weeks)

This course is designed to develop your core business skills through a task-based, integrated skills approach focusing on reading, listening, and discussion. Case studies will be used to help you learn general business practices and engage you in discussions about business problems where you will recommend solutions through active group work and collaboration.

(6 weeks)

In this course, you will use a variety of communication skills that we need every day to help us be successful in the workplace. The course is designed to strengthen your knowledge of concepts and skills related business, and encourages critical thinking about spoken and written communication. Lessons will offer you a task-based, integrated skills approach to develop core business skills such as writing daily workplace correspondence, taking part in meetings and interviews, and engaging in small talk.

(6 weeks)

Aimed at those wishing to be confident, fluent speakers who can successfully use English in a work environment, this course looks at what makes a successful, motivating presentation. You will gain insight into the essential skills and techniques needed to ensure your presentations are both motivating and memorable. You will learn the process of presenting from the opening to the closing, using your voice and body language effectively, and how to use various techniques to create a lasting impact.

(6 weeks)

This course establishes a foundation for the development and practice of the values, attitudes, and skills necessary for entry-level employees, new Canadians, and immigrants to transition into Canadian workplace culture. Students will create resumes, learn interviewing skills, and practice skills essential for effective business communication. Through the exploration of their aptitudes, students will learn how transferable skills lead to success in their chosen profession.

(6 weeks)

This course is designed to prepare students for an entry-level position in one of the most in-demand industries – food and beverage. Topics include the roles and responsibilities of a food and beverage worker including the purpose of safety in the workplace.

(6 weeks)

This course prepares students for an entry-level front desk position by providing an overview of the roles and responsibilities of front line representatives in various industries. Topics will include key administrative tasks for hotel front desk, office reception, service providers and beyond.

(6 weeks)

This course explores the core competencies and best practices that enhance excellent customer service solutions. Students will exceed customer expectations through the understanding of moments of truth, the anticipation of customer needs, and the use of the service recovery process securing a competitive advantage.

(6 weeks)

Through the planning and execution of a small-scale event, students will examine the process of conceptualizing, planning, developing, marketing, and staging events of various types. Students explore practical subjects such as financial planning, project administrative and management tasks, negotiation, and other roles and responsibilities of Conference and Event Coordinators.

(6 weeks)

This course focuses on the transferable skills applicable for wide range of sales environments and the principles of providing exceptional service. Students will study proven techniques for the phases of the sales cycle including product-selling strategies and solutions, partnership building, and buyer behavior.

Co-op Work Experience

During the co-op term, you will practice customer service knowledge you have learned in class and gain Canadian work experience. Co-op is also an opportunity to develop professional contacts within the industry and enhance students’ résumés. Our Co-op Advisors support students throughout the process of finding the right placement. Students are allowed to work full-time during the co-op component.

Your work experience during the co-op term may include entry-level positions as:

  • Sales Representatives – NOC 6552
  • Sales Ambassadors – NOC 6552
  • Retail Sales – NOC 6552
  • Barista – NOC 6511
  • Reception – NOC 6511
  • Hotel Front Desk – NOC 6511

Working in Canada While You Study

Full-time students who qualify are permitted to work off-campus up to 20 hours per week during their study component.

Admission Requirements

  • Educational Qualification: High School/Secondary School Diploma or higher education*.
  • Interview: Successful interview with an International College team member.
  • English Proficiency: English level 8 or IELTS Academic 4.0